About Founder

I am a mother of three by the time I reached 26. It has been a roller coaster ride, what with juggling work, household chores and taking care of three kids. Let’s face it, it is a near impossible task. So that is why I started employing Foreign Domestics Workers (FDWs). Or we like to call her our Helper.

So far I have employed a number of helpers before. Some are not suitable, some are great. Past experiences tried to sell me “perfect maid”, there is no such thing as a perfect maid.  Nobody is perfect. It is all in our mindset.  At the end of the day is how we manage our expectations.

We hope to educate the helper as much as we manage the expectations of the employers.

Singapore Helper is here to provide a personalised service and we hope to assist you in finding the right helper soon.

We are here to HELP you.

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We are currently operating without a shop-front. We feel we do not need a shop-front as it only burdens us with extra cost without any tangible benefits. Please contact us for an appointment and we will bring our service to you.

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