“I used Singapore Helper to employ my current helper.  Singapore Helper was prompt and efficient, providing all relevant information, and following on all necessary matters expeditiously and comprehensively.  The service was provided cheerfully, and the staff was always helpful.”

By Mr Rajiv, Lawyer


“I would like to express my gratitude to Joanna for her services in finding a capable, hardworking, and a nice helper for me and my family. She has been very professional in her dealings not only in getting all the paperwork done in a timely manner but in her explanation of responsibilities of both parties and further training the newly arrived helper. She has been more than helpful in accommodating the needs of my family. I will definitely recommend her to others who are looking for a helper.”

By Lisa Eunkyung Kim


Joanna 是一个非常有人情味的人。她的生意手法带有浓浓的人情味,非常贴心。她不把利益排在第一位。她用最坦白的方法和雇主交谈,和女佣们劝解。和Joanna来往,我非常的放心。

By Mdm Lau, Celebrity


“We have high expectations in a suitable person to fulfil our requirements and had problems with previous agencies. They never listen to our requirements and shove us with their next availability. As a result, communication between the new member and my family broke down severely and we have no choice but to go through the downtime and the hassle of hiring process again. I first met Joanna through a Friend. I was skeptical on her initially as she looks young and seemed lacked of experience. I went ahead to try as I am going through a rough period without a helper. Joanna is very hands on during the selection process for us. Instead of giving us a few profiles to choose from, she narrow down one for us which deemed the best fit for our criteria. She deployed the helper personally and made sure we are able to communicate before she leave her under my care. 5 months passed and she followed up with consistently on her progress. Thumbs up for her after sales service! I would definitely recommend her to the public because she is one who takes pride in her job and make sure new age families like us get the right kind of help from domestic workers.”

By Samantha Chia, Car Dealer


“I would like to commend Ms.Joanna for her professionalism and service excellence in helping me search for a maid for my family. She is very patient with me and my wife whenever we tell her our needs. She will offer valuable advice to us but always let us make the final decision. Joanna’s warm and affable personality made us very comfortable as she guided us very closely along the whole selection process to ensure that we find what we are looking for. I would like to thank her sincerely for her excellent service. Thank you.”

By Daniel Teo, Teacher


“I heard a lot of negative feedbacks from my clients or colleague when it comes to them communicating with their helper or Agency not being responsible after deploying the helper to them.  As a working Mother of 2, it became more and more difficult to concentrate and juggle between work and home.  My Husband needs to work late and it leaves me even tougher to handle all these by my own. I plucked up my courage to finally look for a Helper.  I got my first helper from a random agency I found near my place.  Situation got bad when that Helper decided to head home.  Not only the agency did not provide me with candidates for replacement, they also refused to receive my calls when I tried to contact them.  Just when I was in total lost, I met Joanna.  She listened attentively to the requirements I have in a Domestic Helper.  She sent me profiles of potential candidates and even highlighted those that met my criteria.  After a few rounds of selection, I finally got my current helper. She is now with our family for almost 2.5 years. Joanna is not only responsible to her clients, but also to the Helpers.  From engaging her services to delivering the Helper to your home, she handles each process professionally and tactfully.  She is competent in handling the paperwork for the employers within their agreed time frame until the arrival of the Helper.  She make sure the Helper understand their basic training (household chores, handling electrical appliances) before deploying them to their employers personally.  Most importantly, she does follow up on the Helper’s progress every few months and make sure the Employers are contented with their Helper’s progression. Joanna is definitely highly recommended to any family who needs her services and I am grateful that she was my Agent!”

By Bella Tan, Dental Assistant


“This is our first time using Singapore Helper. We are very impressed and satisfied with the service of the helper that they recommended to me. Singapore helper is very efficient in dealing with the helper hiring process and saves us from a lot of unnecessary hassle. Overall, we benefited a lot from their valuable advices and support whenever we need helps. Thank you Singapore helper and appreciated your effort ”

By Iris Ong, Finance Manager


“Thank you Joanna for providing excellent start to finish service when I needed to hire a Helper.  First and foremost,  Joanna is patient and attentive to provide advise and narrow down suitable helpers in the specific area of needs and criteria I had.  She is also very efficient and responsive to our queries regarding both the paperwork and helpers bio data.   I can’t express my gratitude for providing us with a capable and committed Helper who has been a great help to our family.   Last but not least Joanna is someone I am able to seek help with even after the completion of the Helper hire process which provides the highest peace of mind. Kudos Joanna ”

By Katherine, Lecturer


“Through the help of Singapore Helper I managed to engage an experience helper to take care of my aged parents. Singapore Helper has made my hiring a helper a breeze. My thanks to Singapore Helper!”

By Mr Choo, Financial Consultant


“Singapore Helper, Joanna extend superb service with flexibility. She understands her customer needs & take effort to deliver it. We will definitely recommend her agency to our friends.”

By Eliz Khoo


“I want to credit Joanna for her professionalism and passion in her job. She not only provided great advice and expertise on how to hire the right helper for both my grandparents, she also went to my grandfather’s house to teach our helper how to cook, which is beyond the job scope of an agent. She also helped to council our helper and myself when we are on the verge of giving up by helping us to understand the cultural differences. Such gestures made a great significance to us and I’m sure we will never find another agent who will go the extra mile as what she did for our family. Thank you Joanna!”

By Frawley Lee, Logistic Executive


“Joanna was highly recommended by my Brother-in-law. Being a first timer in getting a helper, Joanna offered many helpful suggestions for selecting a helper. Unfortunately we selected a helper based on our relatives’ advice and we regretted not taking Joanna’s advice within the first month. Her initial advice was spot on. Joanna was patient and took the initiative to help us get another more suitable helper. Joanna was truthful and sincere during the whole process. We are very grateful for her assistance and will gladly recommend her services to everyone around us.”

By Jim Leong, Property Agent


“Singapore Helper had been a great help in getting me a wonderful helper. This is my first time getting a helper and the process was handled perfectly by Singapore Helper. They provided me an ideal candidate and she now with me since. Her working attitude is great. And my kid love having her around. Kudos to Singapore Helper and I am sure they will provide as good service to other clients as well.”

By Leonard Lew, Sales Manager


“Singapore Helper got me a very efficient and wonderful helper. Joanna is responsive and responsible . I would certainly recommend the agency to people I know who need their service.”

By Jean Tan, Financial Consultant